Who Are You?

It is difficult for us to understand who we are and what we are supposed to do in our life. Most of us want to go through life doing the most good and the least harm possible. We just want to be happy.

God sees us very differently. He sees us as essential for all life on the planet. Jesus says in Matthew 5:13-14, "You are the salt of the earth. You are the light of the world." What could Jesus possibly mean by that? We know that salt (sodium) is essential for life. Without salt, everyone's heart would stop. We also know that light is essential for all life on the planet. Light comes from the sun and if the sun goes out, everything dies.

Could you be that important?

I don't know what you have been saying to yourself about who you are and why you are here, but we know what Jesus is saying. You are essential for all life on earth. God plans for you to change the whole world. You will share your light and salt, and others will share what you have said, and millions of years latter history will change.

Scientific evidence says that the most timid, shy person changes the lives of about 10,000 people in her or his lifetime. Think of what would happen if you changed 10,000 lives and those 10,000 changed 10,000 and so on. Think of how fast your life, words and actions would cover the earth.

God changes the world one person at a time. He did this through all of the prophets and his son, and he is going to do this through you.

But what do you have to say that will change the world? Start by sharing your testimony about your relationship with God, how it was, what happened, and how it is now. That story, the story of God transforming your life, is a part of the truth that is needed to change everything.

We tend to think of ourselves as little people, capable of doing little things. But God sees us as world changers.

Repeat these words to yourself over and over again: "I am the salt of the earth. I am the light of the world."

Source : www.godtalkstoyou.com